Monday, 31 July 2017

Drips Bakery Café

While I have been to Drips Bakery Café before, it was my dining companion's 1st visit. Located within the Tiong Bahru estate enclave, the café along Tiong Poh Road was inspired by Paul. Co-owner Alfred Chan used to be a pastry chef at Shangri-La Hotel and opened a bakery at Commonwealth before this. Its glass frontage allows natural light to flood the place in the day and frames of pictures stood out against white walls. Simple furniture, including sofa seats with coffee tables at the back, and tall ceiling combines to exude a cosy yet spacious charm. Other than soup and sandwiches, pies and quiches, it also offers main courses such as rice with butter chicken and all-day breakfast. Stick to its specialty  tarts as the portion of butter chicken was miserable and the dish tasted like a heated-up frozen item. All-day breakfast was more palatable. As I was not impressed with my previous order of coffee, we decided to go with chilled drink this time round which was perfect in the hot and humid weather.

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