Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Chinese New Year 2018 – Goodies Galore

Familiar names at Takashimaya's Chinese New Year Festive Celebrations include Bengawan Solo, Christine's by The Cookie Museum and Home's Favourite. Instead of presenting two boxes of cookies in a tiffin-looking tall box, HarriAnns uses real tiffin this year. There were also many salted egg yolk baked and fried goods, and more stalls selling healthier choices. Despite reducing the amount of sugar in its eggless cookies, Divine Cookies' cookies were not bland  crumbly Coffee Baileys cookies with a lovely aroma and taste of coffee, and refreshing Yuzu Orange. A tad expensive though. I like Coco & Frank's flourless cookies without colouring and preservatives, and will be buying its Macadamia and Earl Grey Almond cookies (could smell and taste the tea with real leaves in it). As three beautiful tins can be packed into a complimentary gift box, which can go into a "Fu Dai" bag, am undecided between the Salted Egg and refreshing Tangerine Dark Belgian Chocolate cookies for my third tin.

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