Sunday, 20 May 2018

Pince & Pints

Was planning a birthday dinner at Pince & Pints only to realise that the place is closed on Sundays, so I thought of trying it another year. After my plans were thwarted by last-minute changes for the umpteenth times, I decided not to wait for a celebratory occasion. We shall just have dinner at the lobster bar on a weekend. Finally visited the branch at Duxton (it can also be found at Katong) recently, and ordered The Truffle Roll and Live Whole Lobster. Both were served with salad and French fries, the latter with herb butter sauce. The former had truffle shavings and truffle caviar on top of the usual  The Lobster Roll, and truffle butter sauce instead of garlic aioli on the side. Loved the sweet and succulent crustacean stuffed into fluffy-soft bread with a lovely aroma of butter that did not overwhelm, and toasted 'til it is crispy on the outside. Chose grilled over steamed for a char-grilled taste of the fresh, juicy and tender lobster that did not disappoint.

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