Sunday, 20 April 2014

Antoinette Revisited

It was on a weekday afternoon when my dining companion and I visited Antoinette at Penhas Road, near Lavender MRT Station. While I have been to the branch at Mandarin Gallery (there is another at Palais Renaissance), this is my first time here. Instead of its breakfast which I had the other time, I tried Boeuf Bourguignon. Could taste the red wine in the braised Wagyu brisket so tender it could be easily pulled apart with the fork and knife. And loved how it went well with the pomme purée and seasonal vegetables. The former is mashed potato with a thicker consistency than usual, and contained tiny cubes of potato I could bite into. Portion was a tad big, maybe because I ate most of the viennoiseries and a bacon that was part of the Antoinette Breakfast. Oops, you just realised how much of a glutton I am.

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Update: The branch at 
Palais Renaissance has closed.

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