Sunday, 8 February 2015

Chinese New Year 2015 – Goodies Galore

The Cookie Museum was strategically located at the main entrance of Takashimaya's Chinese New Year (CNY) Festive Celebrations so customers could sample and purchase without squeezing through the alleys. But there was none to speak, potential or otherwise, when I was there over the weekend. Could it be because most people would have tried its cookies before and needed no more convincing to buy? Doubt it was due to its atypical of the usual CNY goodies' packaging since Christine's by The Cookie Museum and Home's Favourite use similar colourful metal tins, and their stalls were packed with people jostling for samples. Near a side entrance where one of the cashiers was, Christine's by The Cookie Museum were giving out freshly-baked mini versions of the actual cookies. They were good, just like The Cookie Museum's sakura apple cookies, though I found both price tags too steep.

Having bought SunnyHills' pineapple tarts, I settled on orange walnut cookies from Home's Favourite. Not too fake with a lovely nutty taste. Since I prefer pork floss rolls to shrimp rolls, already got my hands on Bee Cheng Hiang's pork floss rolls. But Butter Studio's had a twist to the regular shrimp rolls, enough to entice me to buy  wasabi shrimp rolls. Instead of peanut (supposed to bring good health, growth, longevity, prosperity and stability) cookies which I had no time to bake this year, I got peanut puffs from Tai Chong Kok. Bite-sized with thin and crisp skin that was not too hard, they did not reek of rancid oil smell and its fillings had a nice aroma without being too sweet. As Hong Kong's Kee Wah Bakery did not bring in its Chinese sweet crispies, I bought the sesame crunch which I tried for the first time. Crunchy balls that signifies laughter, they are said to invite treasures to roll into homes.

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