Friday, 31 July 2015

Crab in Da Bag

Wanted to try Crab in Da Bag after cycling at East Coast Park one weekend but it was packed and we did not have a reservation. With the intent of getting our hands dirty at this Louisi-Asian seafood restaurant, my dining companions and I reserved a table for six on another day. Opened since Sep 2013, its presence has since expanded to Sports Hub but it was the 1st branch at Big Splash that we visited for dinner. We ordered Caboodle Boil, a mix of succulent seafood boiled in its secret blend of Louisiana herbs and spices. The contents of the Titanic Pot were ceremoniously yet gently emptied onto the table. They included Boston lobster, Sri Lankan crabs, tiger prawns, Boston Bay mussels and Venus clams among others. These were served with three types of lip-smacking and finger-licking-good dips – garlic butter, Malaysian sambal and Thai green bird that accentuated the freshness and sweetness of the crustaceans.

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