Saturday, 22 August 2015

London Fat Duck

Do not confuse London Fat Duck with Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant and the acclaimed Fat Duck restaurant in Bray, England, by celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal. Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant is a Hong Kong-style restaurant well-known for its roast duck, from London and located on the 2nd floor of Capitol Piazza. While London Fat Duck is a joint venture between the Fei Siong and Akashi groups, located opposite Maison Kayser at the basement of Scotts Square. Fei Siong's stable of restaurants include Eat and Legendary Hong Kong at Jurong Point. Other than the Akashi Japanese Restaurant, Akashi's include Akanoya at Orchard Parade Hotel, Gyoza-Ya and Sushi Goshin at Robinsons Orchard. A chef with experience in Hong Kong's Yung Kee was hired to roast the "wagyu of ducks" supplied by a farm in Ireland.

We were put off by the long queue at London Fat Duck during the first attempt of eating there. Had better luck the 2nd time we tried, for late lunch on a weekend. My dining companion ordered London Roast Duck Noodle while I had Crackling Pork Belly Noodle. Between us, we also shared Hong Kong Wanton Soup and Steamed Shrimp Dumpling "Ha Kao". Did not like the noodles, and dishes tend to be oilier and saltier. Thin skin of roast duck was crispy at some parts and hard in the others, though meat was tender and flavourful. Crackling pork belly was better. Skin of shrimp dumpling was thin albeit mushy and detached from the filling, unlike the too thick skin of wanton. And both had fillings of crunchy succulent prawns. Nothing I could rave about but would be trying its dim and congee should I be back, when the queue is short.

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