Friday, 28 August 2015


One of my dining companions chanced upon Butahage on the 2nd floor of Liang Court during one of the times we were there, and suggested having lunch at this Japanese place another day. So here we were on a weekday, a big group of us. Upon seeing how it could not accommodate all of us and that only butadon is on the menu, some decided to eat elsewhere. I stayed on, of course, and ordered mine with ontama. According to its website, butadon or grilled pork rice originates from Tokachi Obihiro in Hokkaido and Yumepirica is the sticky and sweet rice used in Butahage. Could neither rave about the thin slices of lean pork grilled at 850oC nor fault the soft boiled egg. The former was not as tender as I would have liked it to be though together with its Tare sauce (a soy-based marinade), was reminiscent of homecooked food. While I am not a fan of miso soup, could not say the same of pickled radish  loved the accompanying tsuboduke.

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