Sunday, 24 January 2016


I was back at the same restaurant for lunch within a week, also on a weekday but with another group of dining companions. It was definitely not because I was so impressed with its a-la-carte buffet during my 1st visit that I dropped by again to try other items on the menu. In fact, most of the food we ordered for the buffet was mediocre with a few not-too-bad dishes and only one that stood out. The Teba Karaage from the Age Mono menu, or deep-fried marinated chicken mid-wing, was crispy on the outside with succulent and well-marinated meat. We could not fault its Chawanmushi and Dobinmushi (Japanese teapot soup) though were divided over the tempuras and Teppanyaki Pork Shogayaki. Found the former a tad oily and its batter too thick for my liking while some of us thought the latter, pork in Japanese ginger sauce, had a gamely smell and taste.

Before my 1st time to Mitsuba on the 3rd floor of Central, one of my dining companions chanced upon pictures of its Bara Charashi. Upon confirming its availability, we decided to go for its value set lunches (two kinds of executive set lunches are also available). Among the four of us, we tried all four options and found the Tori Teri Don to be surprisingly good. Chicken chargrilled on the outside with tender insides, drizzled with teriyaki sauce that was not overwhelmingly sweet. While I loved the preserved radish slices, could not say the same of its sashimi for both the Karafuru Charashi and the buffet. Oh well, at least this place does not serve different quality of food for its buffet. Could neither rave nor complain about the Tori Yaki Soba with noodles looking like local hokkien mee but tasted nothing like it or soba. Portions were generous given the reasonable price tag.

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