Sunday, 26 January 2014

Chinese New Year 2014 – Goodies Galore

I know I should be writing about Chinese New Year (CNY) but have been dragging my feet on it and now, the festival is less than a week away. As I have tried most of the CNY goodies from stalls at Takashimaya's CNY Festive Celebrations in previous years, I would just highlight the new participants this year  3 Bites Full, Fresh Seafood House, Kuuki which offers cookies (I tried and like the hazelnut ones) in transparent bottles with metallic covers and brightly-coloured stickers or colourful metal tins, Kuo Yuan He from Taiwan, Serenity Spanish Restaurant that opened its 2nd branch on the 5th floor of the shopping mall after VivoCity, and Yi Lai.

If you read my last year's post, I wrote about green pea cookies though the ones I bought were unhygienic in its preparation process. Having bought Bee Cheng Hiang's pork floss rolls and baked my own peanut cookies with sesame seeds, I will probably just be buying from Yang Yang Bing Pu. Most of its cookies including the dark chocolate ones are good. As Kee Wah Bakery brought less variety of goodies to our sunny shores, I requested for a family member who was in Hong Kong on a business trip to help me get Chinese Sweet Crispies and more. There were also coffee egg rolls, sesame seed egg albumen cookies and (mini) walnut cookies.

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