Sunday, 2 February 2014

Café Mondo

Located on the 2nd floor of Orchard Central where Seventh Heaven used to be, is Café Mondo by the same people. Opened in 2008, Seventh Heaven used to be at Raeburn Park with a kiosk at Takashimaya Food Hall (basement 2). Now, its kiosks are at Gardens by the Bay and Pasarbella @ The Grandstand. But this one, opposite Central Hong Kong Café, is a full-service café serving more than desserts and drinks. Understood it was revamped and renamed with the addition of appetisers and mains on its menu. My dining companion and I were looking for a place to sip a cuppa coffee after dinner when we decided to also have its ice-cream. So we could try more flavours, chose mini twelve putts over six packs – six normal-sized scoops of ice-cream served in a muffin tray. I loved their names and presentation. Our choice of 12 small scoops of ice-cream was served in a mini muffin tray.

Could taste the coffee in cappuccino though would have preferred more caffeine than rich cream (supposedly 50% each now) in it. Thought black sesame would be a safe flavour but it was surprisingly bland and am wondering if it was due to the Korean imported sesame paste used. Salted caramel is a flavour I have never taken a fancy to and this did not change my mind. Preferred rich Belgium chocolate over Hershey's chocolate and liked that strawberry cream had strawberry bits to bite into and chew. Lemon sorbet was refreshingly tart while lychee sorbet was sweet and tangy at the same time. Mixed berries, mango sorbet and cherry berry – red cherries in strawberry base cream, were nothing to rave about or fault. Similarly for my dining companion's espresso and my coffee with a faint aroma of roasted beans and muted acidity.

Update: The café has closed.

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