Sunday, 9 February 2014

Artisan Boulangerie Compagnie Revisited

A few months ago when I visited Artisan Boulangerie Compagnie at Killiney Road, only knew a second one was due to open in Great World City at the end of the year. It opened in October while the following month, another opened at The Metropolis. In December, two more opened at Asia Square Tower 2 and VivoCity. Looks like this French bakery led by award-winning baker Eran Mayer is set to stay. So how does it compare to Paul (also French), Japanese's Maison Kayser, Korean's Paris Baguette and local Tiong Bahru Bakery?

Asia Square Tower 2
Located by Asia Square Tower 2 lift lobby with high ceilings, this branch opposite La Cantine at Tower 1 has the same wooden-framed glass doors and blue lamps as Killiney's. Bar stools, cushioned bench seats in bright yellow and chairs with beige or blue backrest are paired with wooden tables  round, square and long. Not too different and more spacious yet it somehow gave a less laid back feel, possibly because of a dark feature wall. Again, was welcomed by an enticing display and cheerful greetings from staff as I stepped in for late lunch on a weekday. My order of croissant had a nice aroma of butter that did not overwhelm, and was airy on the insides with flaky layers. A pity the dough did not rise evenly and the outside was mostly not crispy. Also, it was cold and a tad hard to cut with fork and knife. Unlike the warm chocolate lava cake, dense and moist with gooey centre and a thin layer on top which was crisp. The chocolate was so sweet, rich and thick that I could almost feel a sore throat coming.

Great World City
This branch is located on the first floor beside Ramen Champion. Its chocolate banana croissant tasted more like banana cake with chocolate than crispy and flaky croissant with airy and fluffy insides. Moist on the inside with real banana slices as well as chocolate, both inside and drizzled atop with icing sugar. I also had the soft madeleine with an aroma of butter without being overwhelmingly so and dense raspberry financier, where the tart raspberry balanced the otherwise cloying butter and sweet caramelised sugar taste.

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