Monday, 28 July 2014

Noodle Place Restaurant

Queues can be seen at Noodle Place Restaurant during meal times. Shifted from across the road, it is now located on the 1st floor of Orchard Gateway beside 313@somerset. Visited not once but twice for late lunches on different weekends and tried its Shrimp Dumpling & Shrimp Wanton Noodles, Triple Mixed Roast Meat and Noodle Place Special Congee. Interestingly, preserved vegetables and braised peanuts were served only during our first visit. Both were nothing to rave about or fault, just like the shrimp wanton. Loved the springy noodles though could not say the same of its shrimp dumpling with fillings of minced pork (too mushy for my liking) and prawns, mushrooms instead of the familiar crunchy black fungus.

The former was supposedly made from flour specially blended for the restaurant, operated and managed by PFS Pte Ltd, the food services arm of Prima Group which includes PrimaDeli and Prima Flour. While my dining companion liked the char siew, I thought the roast pork was mediocre at best and we agreed the roast duck was a tad tough. Do not expect smooth and thick congee, which was again nothing to shout about. Except maybe its size and ingredients  an egg and abalone slice, more fish maw and cuttlefish strips than pig's liver (but I am not complaining about this), crunchy fresh prawns and roast duck that tasted better than the ones we had previously. And K-Last Sng Boey, or lime juice with sour plum, was refreshingly tart.

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