Sunday, 5 July 2015

Three Little Pigs

I was at Takashimaya recently and saw many new additions to the food and dining scene there. One of them that caught my eye was Three Little Pigs, located at B2 where MOS Burger used to be and opposite Italian restaurant Domani. Dropped by today for a late lunch and was glad to be seated immediately as I was famished. While the menu was pork-centric, diners who are not fans of the meat need not worry as beef and chicken are also available. In fact, there are also seafood and vegetarian options. As for its signature tender pork chop, it is served with smoky sauce (supposedly) and sides of Submarine Baked Potato, House Pickles and Market Greens. And there are six toppings to choose from – Onion Marmalade at $16.80, Apricot Delish and Sultana Petso at $17.80, Garlic at Fungi at $18.80 and Champignon Red Wine at $19.90. My choice of Apple Beurre Blanc ($17.80) had crunchy, juicy and more-sweet-than-tart Granny Smith apples with white wine apple sauce.

The thick albeit small slab of succulent and tender pork chop was well-marinated, cooked just right and tasted good enough on its own. Baked potato seemed more boiled to me, but was neither too soft nor hard with the right texture and went well with the pork floss on top. Atypical of the usual pickles, the ones served here included dried cranberries and the mix was good. So were the looking-out-of-place-on-the-plate greens, sprinkled with a dash of black pepper and salt flakes, surprisingly. Thumbs up for how perfect everything came together. Thought it was also reasonably-priced because of its prime location at Orchard though would have preferred a bigger portion. Understood from staff that the word "Wolf" on one of the walls was not related to the restaurant Wolf (an online search shows that it has closed) but instead referred to the big bad wolf in the fairy tale most of us grew up at least hearing or reading it once. Just 45 days since its opening, with plans for a next branch.

Update: The branch at Takashimaya has closed. It can still be found at Tiong Bahru Plaza.

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