Saturday, 12 September 2015

Laurent’s Café – Full Menu in Orchard

My dining companions and I were looking for a place to eat dinner on a weekend when we chanced upon Laurent's Café, tucked away in a quiet corner at the basement of Robinsons Orchard where Costa Coffee used to be. Most of us have tried the sweets from Laurent Bernard Chocolatier, with presence in Robertson Quay and Portsdown as well as takeaway counters at Takashimaya and Hitachi Tower. But not its savoury dishes and decided to give it a shot. As brunch was only served 'til 6pm, we settled for other items on the menu. We started with cold Laurent's Lemonade (orange, lemon, grapefruit, lime juice, brown sugar and soda), hot Double Cappuccino and my disappointing Café Mocha that was too diluted for my liking. Ordered a French Onion Soup and Lobster Bisque for sharing  the former was nothing like the one my dining companion had in France while the latter also turned out very different from all the versions we had in Singapore, France and other parts of Europe.

While I could not fault the Crispy Duck Leg Confit nor rave about the Braised Pork Ribs, none of us was impressed with the barbecue sauce for the ribs. The accompanying Lyonnaise potatoes and roasted potatoes respectively had an overwhelming taste of butter and rosemary I did not enjoy though one of my dining companion loved it and was also satisfied with the Cod Fish "Brandade"  a medley of codfish, potato and garlic with emmental cheese. There was nothing spectacular about its Spaghetti Carbonara, cream spaghetti with large thin slices of grilled bacon (not crispy small bits) and topped with egg. Of the two desserts we shared among the four of us, our opinions were divided. I loved The Chocolate Tarte where the creamy bitter-sweet chocolate layer was perfect with the crispy hazelnut biscuit, and its richness was well-balanced by the tart berries sauce on the side.

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