Wednesday, 24 February 2016


FOC is not free of charge but means fire in Catalan, a language spoken in the Barcelona region of Spain. Located on Hong Kong Street opposite Central, FOC is as synonymous with Catalan cuisine in Singapore as it is with hand-crafted cocktails by award-winning mixologist Dario Knox. According to its website, authentic flavours of the best local and seasonal produces are brought together to impeccably present traditional Catalan dishes in a contemporary format with an enthusiastic attitude. The collaboration between chefs Nandu Jubany, who received a Michelin star for his restaurant Can Jubany in Calldetenes, and Jordi Noguera reinvents recipes to the smallest details where the land or sea products find a balance of complexity and subtlety on the plate. This is an overdue visit and I finally dropped by for lunch on a weekday. Among the four of us, we shared six tapas (small plates) and one each of paella, main, dessert and cocktail  Blacked Out in Bangkok.

First to arrive on our table was Gilda Skewer with Anchovie and Smoked Seabass  one skewer per portion. Could make out the texture of seabass but not taste it, as we were told to eat the whole skewer (without the stick, of course) in one mouth. Chewing everything together, I could only taste the pickles and a subtle smokiness. Cod Fish Fritters & Green Apple Puree, with no distinct taste of green apple, had a fishy smell and taste that hinted at what this tapa was. Nothing to rave about or fault on the Mushroom Croquettes, and "Xapadillo" Eel & Pork Belly with Egg Yolk & Cauliflower. The former had a crisp outside with a filling reminiscent of cream of mushroom, and the latter reminded us of Chinese style salted fish and roasted pork. While I had no complaints about "Patatas Bravas" FOC Style or potato cubes fried 'til crispy on the outside, could not say the same of Prawns in "Ajillo" sauce (Garlic & White Wine). Was disappointed this was more like steamed prawns with Chinese wine.

As this was my 1st time trying paella, found the risotto rice used in Black Mediterranean Squid Ink Paella a tad hard. Chopped bits of what we believed were scallop, squid and fried garlic was mixed within the rice. Served in a pan, it was topped with prawns sitting on garlic mayonnaise, and clams. Both had what looked like parsley atop, to accentuate taste of the prawns and otherwise bland clams which reeked of a fishy smell. Grilled Iberico Pork Ribs & Smoked Pumpkin Puree had so much fats and oil that I was glad to share the tender meat. A dining companion thought the pumpkin was the highlight of not just this dish, but the whole meal. Last but not least was a sweet dessert to end the salty (it was beyond flavourful and savoury and felt as if salt was F.O.C.), meal. Neither complaining nor impressed with Chocolate Galaxy  a sphere of chocolate which melted as hot chocolate was poured over it to reveal three cold cream puffs inside.

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