Sunday, 3 December 2017


Located on the first floor of Tiong Bahru Plaza where Three Little Pigs used to be, Magosaburo is a Japanese Western Café not to be confused with the Japanese BBQ-turned-wagyu-dining restaurant of the same name (sometimes spelt as Magosaburou) on the 5th floor of Ion Orchard. Visited on a weekday for lunch and tried a few dishes. Scoop your spoon through its Salted Konbu and Truffle Chawanmushi to get a mix of ingredients in every mouth so none would be too salty. You have been warned. Sakura Ebi Angel Hair Pasta was a tad spicy but good. Break apart the runny egg yolk and mix it with the al dente angel hair pasta  also known as capellini reminiscent of our local mee kia, if you prefer to eat your food with a little sauce or dressing. And could neither rave about nor fault the Sunny Breakfast.

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